November 5, 2007

“There, there, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” I said, pressing my cheek to her face and feeling her warmth in the morning sun. She shook angrily again in the wind, and spat another volley of pea-sized ice and rocks at me.

Mount Tsurugi was not afraid.

Her anger abated for a second and the staccato assault on my helmet went quiet. I clipped into the fixed chain that leads up the cliff before the summit. I then take a wrong turn and end up shuffling along a granite edge, a leg and hundr...

September 7, 2007

“So where are you staying tonight?”
“At the top of the mountain.”
“At the hut?”
“No, at the top of the mountain. I’ve got my bivy bag with me.”

Along the col from Hakuba to Karamatsu, then along the ridge to Goryu hut. At 4pm the last few stragglers were making their way back down from the peak, and I set out for the top.

“You won’t make it down in time! The sun’s setting in a hour.
“No problem, I’m staying at the top.”
“At the hut?”
“No, at the top of the mountain..."

The summit was...

May 18, 2007

Yuka is hooked.  Butterscotch candy bribery and the promise of a peak “only 20 minutes further on” got her to the top of Mount Kinpo on the Yamanashi border by 9am on Sunday.  Now she knows what drives her husband to get up in the middle of the night and spend long days at cold altitudes.

The plan was to climb both Kinpo-san and its neighbour Mizukaki-san over the two days, but with the sun out and the snow covered Southern Alps rising in the distance Saturday just wasn’t a day for rus...

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